NHL Insider Accuses Vegas Golden Knights of Cheating Scandal

Published September 3, 2023 at 11:03

Vegas Golden Knights Accused of Manipulating Salary Cap Against Oilers and entire NHL

NHL insider Frank Seravalli's recent revelation has ignited a controversy involving the Vegas Golden Knights and their alleged manipulation of the salary cap during their matchup against the Edmonton Oilers and other teams. Seravalli's suggestion that the Golden Knights might have strategically utilized player health status to their advantage has raised questions about fair play in the league.

Seravalli's Allegations

During an appearance on the Oilers Now podcast, Seravalli hinted that the Golden Knights could have engaged in cap manipulation tactics. He indicated that Nolan Patrick's health status might have been exploited by the team, stating he was healthier than people thought but was still held on LTIR to manipulate the cap game.

I think Nolan Patrick was maybe a bit healthier than the Vegas Golden Knights might have let on.

Reports have emerged that the Golden Knights used Nolan Patrick's placement on Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR) to create favorable cap conditions. This maneuver potentially allowed them to free up $1.2 million against the salary cap, potentially influencing the Oilers' playoff series.

The Mark Stone Factor

Further raising eyebrows, Mark Stone's return from the LTIR coincided conveniently with the start of the playoffs. This trend of timed player returns has drawn attention within the NHL community.

Impact on Oilers' Performance

The allegations have sparked discussions about the Oilers' performance in their playoff series against the Golden Knights. If cap manipulation indeed occurred, it could have impacted the Oilers' ability to compete effectively.

As the hockey world awaits further clarity, discussions surrounding the Golden Knights' tactics continue, underscoring the importance of maintaining fairness and equity within the league.

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NHL Insider Accuses Vegas Golden Knights of Cheating Scandal

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