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Mikhail Sergachev roasts the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published August 3, 2023 at 7:11

In the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs, the Toronto Maple Leafs managed to break the infamous 1st round curse by winning against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Mikhail Sergachev, a defenseman for the Lightning and a back-to-back Stanley Cup champion, was recently interviewed on Sport24, a Russian network.

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In an interview with Russian outlet Sport24, Mikhail Sergachev didn't hold back his thoughts on the Leafs or their fans.

He went on to say that Tampa statistically outplayed the Leafs and should have won, but recognized that the same was true for the opposite last year.

«I don't want to give the Maple Leafs any credit for the win, they don't deserve it. They won a single series that they deserved to lose. I don't see any reason for joy amongst the fans or team.»

In the interview, Sergachev expressed his disappointment with the 1st round loss. He believed that despite losing the series, the Lightning outplayed and outclassed the Maple Leafs in every aspect.

Additionally, he criticized the Leafs for celebrating one series win, refusing to give them credit and suggesting that he never believed they should have won in the first place.

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Mikhail Sergachev roasts the Toronto Maple Leafs

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