Metropolitan Team Targeting Ethan Bear to Make a Major Deadline Flip

Published September 8, 2023 at 3:40 PM

Ethan Bear's NHL Comeback: Flyers and GM Danny Briere Interested

Numerous reports suggest that the Philadelphia Flyers, led by General Manager Danny Briere, are keen on signing Ethan Bear and resurrecting his NHL career.

The Flyers are actively seeking to bolster their defensive lineup for the upcoming season, and Bear fits the bill. Despite a potential early-season absence, Bear's versatility and special teams prowess make him an attractive option for Philadelphia. Moreover, they see him as a valuable trade asset if he excels during the season.

Vancouver Canucks, Bear's former team, is another potential destination, but salary cap considerations must be addressed first. Bear's desire to return to Vancouver adds intrigue to the situation.

In summary, Ethan Bear's career outlook is promising, with the Flyers and GM Danny Briere expressing strong interest. This move could reignite his NHL journey and provide him with a chance to make a triumphant return to the league in the 2023-24 season.
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Metropolitan Team Targeting Ethan Bear to Make a Major Deadline Flip

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