Jack Campbell Let A Terrible Habit Catch Up With Him in Edmonton

Published September 21, 2023 at 8:49

In the same way, we all make mistakes and hold things against ourselves, Jack Campbell is a human like us. He felt the burden of being under pressure throughout his career.

Obviously, his season in 2022-2023 wasn't his best, so it all came full circle in Edmonton.

When asked if he put too much pressure on himself last season to perform, Campbell was asked if he put the weight of the world on his shoulders. Campbell responded, «Ya, I mean, that's something I've done my whole career and I somehow managed to get away with it up until last year.» He added, «Obviously, there was kind of an exclamation on it, it was no hiding last year, it kinda just showed me I needed to fix it and to learn from it.»

The psychological aspects of Campbell's game have been a focus of his efforts in order to improve his game.

This year he looks forward to implementing his new habits and hopefully will be successful.

Rather than letting bad goals dictate who he feels about himself, Campbell said he needed to move forward.

Although some bright spots appeared near the end of the season, his lack of confidence in his own game was evident last season.

For the Oilers to succeed this year, Jack Campbell will have to be confident in the net.

Despite not specifying what worked on him, Campbell has been committed to being himself, surrounding himself with people, and enjoying himself.

Despite struggling last season, he looks forward to teaming up with Stuart Skinner this season and being the goaltender the Oilers need.

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Jack Campbell Let A Terrible Habit Catch Up With Him in Edmonton

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