Is it right to compare Connor Bedard to McDavid?

Published August 30, 2023 at 11:39

Over the past few years, the NHL has witnessed an exponential growth in talented players, particularly in the draft. The skill sets, hockey IQ, and the work put in by these players are truly incredible to watch. They undergo numerous drills at a very young age, and the players now appear more technically adept than ever before.

This progress has translated into fantastic talent for NHL teams, with the Chicago Blackhawks acquiring phenomenal talent in Connor Bedard this year. The new chapter with the Hawks is set to commence in October. Bedard was interviewed by ESPN's Greg Wyshynski at the BioSteel NHL camp, where he was asked about his thoughts on being compared to Connor McDavid.

"You never want to think, 'Oh, I can't do this.' I don't believe that mindset is productive. However, I'm not him. I am my person and player. I consider him the pinnacle at the moment. It's like, 'This guy is the best or one of the best, so how can I strive to get closer to him?'" Bedard expressed.

Bedard further commented, "I believe this is a great aspect of sports. You're constantly competing with other players. For me, getting the chance to spend time with him on the ice and challenging myself against him... he's undeniably incredible. His statistics are almost unbelievable. Nonetheless, for me, it's about striving to be my player and achieving my personal best."

Comparing him to Connor McDavid, in my opinion, is currently unfounded. His natural talent is poised to captivate the league, making him the new face of the NHL in the coming years.

Bedard, along with players of his calibre, will establish the foundation for future generations of hockey. As talent levels continue to rise, so will the entertainment value.
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Is it right to compare Connor Bedard to McDavid?

Is it right to compare Connor Bedard to Connor McDavid?

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