Is Auston Matthews contract really worth the squeeze?

Published August 27, 2023 at 10:47 PM

Known for his hot takes on NHL athletes, Grant McCagg, an ex-NHL scout hit Auston Matthews hard today.

With a $53 Million deal over the next four years, Matthews has become the highest-paid player in the NHL.

I see a pile of justifications for paying Matthews $13M+ AAV, and even suggestions that he's underpaid, but if he averages .44 gpg and wins one series in the next five playoffs like he did the last 7...is he worth it? Should the top-paid players not bring SOME playoff success?

At the same time, Matthews had underperformed by .44 points per game in the playoffs.

It may not be wrong for McCagg to believe that Matthews' contract is not worth it, as players like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl take less money and continue to perform well in the playoffs. McDavid's current AAV sits at $12.5 Million currently, while Leon Draisaitl takes $8.5 Million AAV, which is sad if you think about it.

Matthews has yet to deliver a 2nd round to Toronto, while Edmonton is gearing up yet again for another hopeful playoff run.
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Is Auston Matthews contract really worth the squeeze?

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