In response to media questions, Kane snapped at them

Published October 26, 2023 at 7:37 PM

Edmonton Oilers winger Evander Kane called out the Edmonton media for showing the wingers' comments a selective way.

Apparently, the local media took Kane's comments out of context and wasn't pleased.

Kane snaps at the Edmonton media

According to Kane, the media manipulated his comments to make it appear that he was outraged.

He pointed out that the media does not provide context when reporting on his comments from Saturday's game.

Therefore, Kane stated that it was nothing but the fact that he only played 3 minutes during the first period.

He was in the penalty box for 8 minutes, as well.

this clip is from the first intermission, but evander kane — who played 14:04 saturday, his lowest since joining the oilers — doesn't appear to be a fan of getting dropped to the third line.

Kane wasn't having the media's inconsistencies regarding his play on Saturday.
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In response to media questions, Kane snapped at them

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