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Hockey Canada takes a huge step towards repairing their organization

Published December 14, 2023 at 7:18 PM
2022 was a tumultuous time for Hockey Canada as the organization was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal that rocked the foundation to its core.

As the information regarding the scandal continued to be reported, many prominent Canadian companies decided to pull their sponsorship from the governing body as big changes were needed within the organization.

Those changes came swiftly when CEO Scott Smith stepped down and the entire board of directors were replaced in October 2022.

With Katherine Henderson in charge of Hockey Canada, and numerous changes being done several companies are returning to the organization. It was announced today that Telus along with Tim Hortons and Esso decided to return to Hockey Canada.

This announcement comes as Hockey Canada prepares for the U18 World Championship which will be held in Gothenburg Sweden from Dec 26th 2023 though Friday Jan 5th 2024

For these companies to return, important positive steps are being taken to improve personal safety along with restoring the image of Hockey Canada while learning from this and ensure that this will never happen again.
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Hockey Canada takes a huge step towards repairing their organization

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