Gene Principe runs a marathon impressing Oilers fans everywhere

Published August 25, 2023 at 10:39

One of the faces of the Edmonton Oilers is Connor McDavid, the face we all know, but unless you watch a lot of Oilers hockey, you won't know Gene Principe.

Principe usually hosts pre-game segments for the Oilers franchise, after years of being a play-by-play commentator.

The Sportsnet host uploaded the images of himself running in the Edmonton marathon, held on Sunday afternoon. Acting classy as he does, thanked the support staff for putting on the event.

Principe finished 42 kilometres, in 4:31:24 hours, placing him 515th and 40th amongst men in his age class of 50-59.

Principe is known for his light-hearted humor on broadcasts and is an extremely likable character for the Oilers franchise. Which of course, causes fans to gravitate to him. He was congratulated by many fans afterward.

You're a legend, Geno!

Soooo proud of you Gene!!!! You look like a pro. I am back start of October and will be in Edmonton middle of the month and I hope we can get together and I can tell you about the Tour of Hope success.

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Gene Principe runs a marathon impressing Oilers fans everywhere

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