Former Edmonton Goalie Makes A Bold Take On Oilers Player

Published October 2, 2023 at 9:50

Edmonton Oilers defenseman Vincent Desharnais recently shared his mental preparation routine on "The Sick Podcast with Tony Marinaro." He revealed that he writes daily affirmations in his journal, including the goal of becoming an NHL player and winning the Stanley Cup.

Desharnais, despite facing numerous challenges, made his NHL debut last season at the age of 26. The question now is whether he can secure a permanent spot in the Oilers' top four defense.

There's been speculation about Desharnais potentially becoming a top-four NHL defenseman. Former Oilers goaltender Joaquin Gage believes there's a chance he could reach the level of a current Oiler teammate, Mattias Ekholm. Gage acknowledges that it's a possibility but not a certainty.

«I think with Desharnais there's a lot of things there, I would have to say I'm about 60%, there's a possibility that he could play in that top four, I think he could get to an Ekholm level.»

– Joaquin Gage

Ekholm, a consistent top-four defenseman, is known for his defensive prowess and smooth skating, even at 33 years old. Desharnais, on the other hand, faced challenges with footspeed during last season's playoffs.

Despite this, Desharnais has expressed his determination to improve and rise through the ranks. Gage emphasizes that experience at the NHL level can lead to continued improvement.

Desharnais' primary goal should be to secure a spot in the Oilers' lineup, even if it's on the third pairing. His physicality and ability to get under opponents' skin are valuable assets. Whether he becomes a top-four defenseman or a bottom-pairing one, his journey in the NHL has already defied expectations.

In the end, Desharnais' work ethic and mental preparation bode well for his continued growth in the league. Regardless of his ultimate role, he's focused on getting the job done.

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Former Edmonton Goalie Makes A Bold Take On Oilers Player

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