Former Canadian Defensemen Furiously Calls Out The League

Published December 28, 2022 at 9:10

Hockey has sure took a turn for what some would say ''the worst'' throughout the last few years, we are experiencing a different style of hockey then what was played back in the day, that's for sure! To prove that statement, just take a look at the game misconduct hit from a Canadian player the other day.

The hit shown above earned Zack Dean a game misconduct, and served the Czechs up a 5 minute powerplay, where they would win the game off of.

Former longtime NHL defensemen Mike Commodore commented on the hit, and stated the game of hockey is going to fall apart, here's what he had to say:

Folkswithin the next 5 years #IIHF men's hockey will be the played by the women's rules..rub eachother out along the boards..body checking forbidden.just keep #rubbin.

Is Commodore right? It seems as if the game is getting softer day by day, hopefully the IIHF and Hockey Canada can lighten up..
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Former Canadian Defensemen Furiously Calls Out The League

Is this former defensemen right?

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