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Family of 18 Year Old Player Who Passed Forced to Burry Child in Canada After Running Out of Time to go back home

Published December 25, 2022 at 8:19

It's been one week since the shocking death of London knights forward Abakar Kazbekov. The 18 year old fell from his luxury condominium last Saturday in downtown London Ontario.

The Kazbekov family flew from Russia to London to bring Kazbekov back to Russia for a proper burial. Unfortunately for the family, time ran out to bring Abakar back home.

Instead Abakar was buried in Toronto Ontario, father of Abakar Zaur Kazbekov would say this on the burial:

We buried Abakar in Toronto, December 22. It would have been too long to transport him to Dagestan - the holidays in Canada (Christmas), registration of all the necessary documents. I want to point out that the representatives of our consulate were very supportive," he said, But the paperwork took too long in Canada, and according to Islamic rites the body had to be buried as soon as possible. And my family gave me permission to bury Abakar in Toronto.

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