Ex-Oilers Defensemen Involved in Big Trade Today

Published October 10, 2023 at 11:56

Former Oilers Defenseman Finds a New Home

A former Edmonton Oilers defensemen, is embarking on a fresh chapter in his NHL journey as he transitions from the Carolina Hurricanes to the Colorado Avalanche. The trade, confirmed by both teams, not only involves Jones but also features minor-league forward Callahan Burke making the move to Carolina in exchange for the talented defenseman.

What makes this trade particularly intriguing is the unique arrangement surrounding Callahan Burke's stay in Colorado. He will remain on loan from the Carolina Hurricanes to AHL Colorado, a situation that arises from the Hurricanes' current lack of an AHL affiliate for the upcoming season.

This trade comes on the heels of the Hurricanes' decision to loan Jones to AHL Colorado. However, the transfer of Jones's NHL rights to the Avalanche signifies a more permanent shift in his hockey journey.

As Jones dons the Avalanche jersey, both fans and analysts are eager to witness the impact of this trade on both teams in the forthcoming NHL season. It's a move that has the potential to reshape the landscape of the league, and hockey enthusiasts will be closely following Jones's journey with the Avalanche.
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Ex-Oilers Defensemen Involved in Big Trade Today

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