Evander Kane Calls Out His Head Coach During LIVE Interview

Published October 22, 2023 at 11:38 PM

Kane Expresses Frustration with Limited Ice Time, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

In a recent matchup against the Winnipeg Jets, tensions flared on and off the ice. Evander Kane, who currently suits up for the Edmonton Oilers, found himself in a rather unexpected situation.


Head Coach Jay Woodcroft opted to give Kane just three minutes of ice time in the first period, and the forward wasn't too pleased about it. Frustrated with his limited minutes on the ice, Kane took it upon himself to fight, but not to spark momentum, to take a jab at Jay Woodcroft.

In a clear message to the coaching staff a, Kane decided to drop the gloves and engage in a spirited fight. The 30-year-old winger seemed to suggest, Why not fight when you're playing fourth-line minutes?

The move also sparked conversations about his role within the team and the dynamics between player and coach.

As the Oilers continue their season, all eyes will be on how this situation unfolds and whether it will have any lasting effects on the team's performance and dynamics.
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Evander Kane Calls Out His Head Coach During LIVE Interview

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