Edmonton has an Embarrassing Amount of Cap Left

Published August 25, 2023 at 0:46

After signing young defenseman Evan Bouchard to a 2 year $3.9 million AAV contract, the Edmonton Oilers only have $300,000 in cap left.

They're pretty much locked with the 21-man roster that they have, as with $300K they can't do anything. However, if you wanted to move a contract or two to get some money, you certainly could. One of them is Jack Campbell at $5 million, as that is Ken Holland's worst move at GM. But it would be a struggle to find someone to take it, and you might have to give them picks and other players to convince them to take it in the first place.

Next year the Oilers have $12 million in cap space to work with, with seven players needing new contracts, with one of them being 21-year-old forward Dylan Holloway.

It'll be interesting to see how everything shakes up in Edmonton.
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Edmonton has an Embarrassing Amount of Cap Left

Who should the Oilers sacrifice if they need cap space?

Campbell19650.6 %
Kane153.9 %
Nurse12632.6 %
Other5012.9 %
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