Edmonton Oilers Legend Issues Surprise Statement on The Organization

Published October 6, 2023 at 11:22

Coffey Cheers On the Connor McDavid-Led Oilers

Former Edmonton Oilers legend, Paul Coffey, recently issued a heartfelt statement about his connection to the team and the city of Edmonton. Coffey, who is regarded as one of the greatest defensemen in NHL history, spoke fondly about the warm welcome he and his era's players receive when they return to Edmonton.

He emphasized the strong bond between the players from his time and the city, highlighting the fantastic community that supports the Oilers.

"The beautiful thing about the group of players from my era is that when we go back to Edmonton, we're welcomed with open arms. The city is fantastic and we're all dying for the Connor McDavid-led Edmonton Oilers to win a Stanley Cup." - Oilers legend Paul Coffey

Coffey's statement resonated with the sentiments of many Oilers fans who are eagerly awaiting a Stanley Cup victory for the team led by the phenomenal Connor McDavid.

As the Oilers continue their pursuit of the championship, they can draw inspiration from the support of legendary figures like Paul Coffey, who are rooting for their success in bringing the Stanley Cup back to Edmonton.

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Edmonton Oilers Legend Issues Surprise Statement on The Organization

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