Draisaitl McDavid and Rogers Place Receive a Huge Honouring in Player Voting Polls

Published April 1, 2023 at 6:50 PM

The NHL Players' Association recently released the results of their player poll for this season, which surveyed 626 NHL players on 14 hockey-related questions during the regular season. Unsurprisingly, two Edmonton Oilers players dominated the polls.

Connor McDavid came out on top in the "In a must-win game, which forward do you think would be most impactful" category, with 59.3% of the votes, while Sidney Crosby was the runner-up with 11% based on 599 votes. McDavid finished second in the "best stick-handler" category, with Patrick Kane taking the top spot with 46.1% of the votes, while McDavid received 28.7% based on 609 votes.

Meanwhile, Leon Draisaitl was voted the best passer in the NHL again alongside Patrick Kane. Interestingly, McDavid finished fifth in this poll with 7.7%, while Draisaitl came out on top with 25% out of 600 total votes. McDavid currently leads the league in assists with 78, while Draisaitl is in fifth place with 62.

In the "most complete player" category, the players voted Sidney Crosby as the winner with 30.1%, and Patrice Bergeron was the runner-up with 18.8%. McDavid finished fourth in this poll with 11% and 591 votes.

In the "Which player do you LEAST enjoy playing against, but would like to have on your team?" category, Brad Marchand came out on top with 36.5%, while Connor McDavid was the runner-up with 15.6%. Surprisingly, most players would prefer Marchand on their team over McDavid. The total number of votes for this category was 520.

Additionally, there was a lot of love for Rogers Place ice arena, the home of the Edmonton Oilers, which was the runner-up this year, with 14.7% of the votes, next to Montreal's Bell Centre, which received 35% of 503 votes. Rogers Place has been in second place over the past few seasons (17-18, 18-19, 19-20).

It's always interesting to see the NHLPA share the players' perspective on who they think are the best in the league. It should come as no surprise who will be voted as the league's Most Valuable Player in June.

Source: Oilersnation.com
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Draisaitl McDavid and Rogers Place Receive a Huge Honouring in Player Voting Polls

Who would you rather play against if you were in the NHL?

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