Desharnais Shifts His Focus Around Completely

Published September 25, 2023 at 6:12 PM

27 year old, 6'7" 226 pound Vincent Desharnais has proved to himself he can play in the Playoffs. The Laval, Quebec born Edmonton Oiler defenseman says he has an improved confidence and his coach agrees.

That feeling of being eliminated by the Vegas Golden Knights in last years playoffs has left a
"hurting pit in his stomach,"
that has lasted the entire summer. He has a new motivation every morning to wake up and win a Cup.

His coach Jay Woodcroft says he's worked on getting better in many ways including his physical attributes from the gym, individual skill sessions, playing a 3 on 3 game in Montreal with competitive people while also working on the mental health and wellness side.

The coach likes where he's at and feels he has a renewed and improved drive.
Desharnais says he understands better now how to deal with the 82 game mental grind, and
"focus on the now."Not what happened in the past or last game."
He improved on always having his head and eyes up to know where the forecheck is coming, where his players are and what his options are. He gives his skills coach credit for giving him many creative ways to improve.

Gaining from the experience of last years playoff run is valuable in taking the next step, that could get him that Stanley Cup.
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Desharnais Shifts His Focus Around Completely

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