Could the Flyers and Oilers become favourable trading partners?

Published August 22, 2023 at 1:17

As summer draws to a close and the NHL offseason wraps up, teams are already shaping their plans for the upcoming NHL season and the September training camp. While some teams have tied up loose ends, such as signing contracts to ensure player participation, others are on the lookout for deals that could strengthen their prospects, particularly those amid roster rebuilding following the draft.

The Flyers and the Oilers, both NHL organizations, find themselves at different junctures in their current developmental trajectories. On one hand, the Flyers are focused on nurturing their draft picks and prospects, acknowledging they are still a year or two away from being genuine contenders for an NHL playoff spot.

On the other hand, the Oilers are in "win now" mode, making incremental adjustments to their lineup to position themselves as strong contenders for the Stanley Cup final.

Rumours circulating on the internet have sparked discussions about the possibility of the Flyers and Oilers forming a mutually beneficial trading partnership. Both teams possess players who might be seeking new opportunities and could potentially aid each other in addressing financial concerns.


From the Flyers' perspective, acquiring Evan Bouchard would be a substantial triumph for General Manager Danny Briere. Having Bouchard in their ranks would notably bolster their defence, and securing him to a long-term contract aligns with the Flyers' ongoing team reconstruction.

Additionally, with prospects like Philipp Broberg, who could make an impact within a year or two, and Warren Foegele, who would provide stability to their bottom six, the Flyers could strike a balance. Briere could be proactive in reshaping the goaltending lineup, with Sam Ersson poised to potentially assume the number one role and the recently acquired Calvin Petersen serving as backup. Such a trade would undeniably elevate the Flyers for their future.

Conversely, the Oilers would benefit from adding two stars who could propel the team to new heights. Acquiring Carter Hart, a bona fide #1 goalie, would be a significant boost, given his proven capability of being a team's linchpin, regardless of the team logo.

Travis Konecny, a point-per-game player, paired with talents like Leon Draisaitl or Connor McDavid, would catapult the Oilers' offensive capabilities. Integrating Seeler and Zamula into their defensive depth chart would rectify a weak point that contributed to their struggles in the previous year's second round.

It's important to note that this speculation is purely hypothetical, and whether such a trade could transpire remains uncertain. However, upon examination, it becomes evident that both teams could stand to gain from a potential deal like this.
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Could the Flyers and Oilers become favourable trading partners?

Could the Oilers make a trade with the Flyers involving Bouchard for Konency and Hart?

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