Could Today's Oilers Break Any of These Franchise Records?

Ryan Hall
July 29, 2023  (11:57)

As each generation of hockey players passes through the Edmonton Oilers organization, some have been exceptionally talented, bringing success and joy to the fan base. However, there have also been periods of poor management, terrible roster construction, and unsuccessful drafting, leading to disappointing hockey seasons for the fans.

With this in mind, it is interesting to speculate whether the current Oilers team and this generation have what it takes to surpass some of the franchise's most unbeatable records, set by the legendary 1980s Oilers.
Let's begin with Wayne Gretzky's astounding 215-point season. Back in those days, the NHL was a much more wide-open, scoring-first, and defence-second league. Goaltending was not as much of a priority, nor as skilled as it is today. Gretzky thrived in that era, and although Connor McDavid has been exceptional and will continue to be, surpassing the 215-point season seems like a tall task, if not an impossible one.
Next on the list is Paul Coffey, who scored an impressive 48 goals in a single year. The legendary defenseman for the Oilers had a remarkable 138-point season, just one point less than Bobby Orr's record of 139. Nowadays, most defensemen focus on assists first and then goals later. Additionally, new defensive-oriented schemes often hinder the offensive numbers of defensemen. It is highly unlikely that anyone in the current organization could come close to Coffey's record, let alone achieve it in today's NHL.
Another seemingly unbeatable record is Grant Fuhr's assist record. During his 1983-84 campaign, Fuhr managed to compile 14 assists, a feat almost unheard of for goaltenders. Most goaltenders nowadays tend to stay close to their net and don't venture out to contribute to their team's offence. This record will likely stand the test of time.
Then we have Ben Scrivens' astonishing shutout performance. While playing against the San Jose Sharks in the 2014 season, Scrivens made an astounding 59 saves, resulting in a shutout victory for the Oilers. Although this record could be broken one day, depending on the quality of goaltending the Oilers will have in the coming years, their current talent does not suggest it will be surpassed anytime soon.
Finally, there's the remarkable record of the Oilers scoring over 400 goals in five seasons. Considering the changes in the NHL's style of play, the addition of more teams (now 32 in total), and the increased emphasis on goaltending and defensive strategies, it is highly improbable that the Oilers could achieve this feat again.
The Oilers' history in the NHL is undeniably impressive, and with General Manager Ken Holland's continuous efforts to refine the lineup and secure player contracts, expectations for a successful season, and a competitive playoff run, are high.
Could Today's Oilers Break Any of These Franchise Records?

Which record could be broken by the Oilers today?

Gretzky's 215 point season1717.3 %
Scrivens 59 shot shutout3434.7 %
Fuhr's 14 assists in one season1818.4 %
Coffey's 48 goals in one season2929.6 %
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