Controversial Chart Reveals Pietrangelo's Defenseman Ranking

Published August 21, 2023 at 9:03

Ranking players based on their overall skills rather than their specific positions has long been a subject of debate among NHL fans. Whether gathered for games, discussions, or podcasts, fans often share their opinions on the best players in each category, presenting compelling arguments to support their claims, while some disagreements persist about these evaluations.

Recently, the NHL Network released its list of the top 20 defensemen currently in the NHL. While many expected names such as Kalma Car, Adam Fox, and Quinn Hughes are featured on this list, one name stands out as potentially overvalued given his ranking: Alex Pietrangelo.

Pietrangelo currently holds the 9th-place position. For Oilers fans, his memory remains vivid from this year's playoffs, where he became a thorn in the side of everyone, especially after delivering a lumberjack chop to Leon Draisaitl's hands. This action led to a one-game suspension for the Vegas Golden Knights defenseman. Despite the passage of time, the Oilers' fan base hasn't forgotten this incident.

Throughout his career, Pietrangelo has only been associated with two organizations: the St. Louis Blues and the Vegas Golden Knights. Although he recently celebrated success with two Stanley Cups to his name, his overall performance has been average. In recent times, he has encountered difficulties in his defensive play and has been prone to inopportune penalties.

In my view, several other defensemen hold higher rankings and excel within a more solid team defensive framework, which could potentially mask his shortcomings.
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Controversial Chart Reveals Pietrangelo's Defenseman Ranking

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