Connor McDavid Hurt After Dirty Collision

Published December 27, 2022 at 8:40 PM

Connor McDavid has been deemed the best player in the world by many, and there's plenty of reasoning for it. With his impressive league leading in goals, assist and points, he's projected to have 155 points by the end of the season which would be the first time in over 34 years to tally up that Kanu points. Last done by Wayne Gretzky in the 1988-89 season was a impressive 164 point performance.

With McDavid being highly touted for the player he is, it draws quite the large target on his back, players really give it their all to attempt to shutdown the unstoppable force in Connor McDavid, or they take a different route, the dirty way...


Calgary Flames defensemen McKenzie Weegar clipped Connor McDavid's knee in a dirty way, McDavid appeared hurt on the play and it took him a few seconds to get up, but thankfully he continued to play.

View the video below.

December 27   |   122 answers
Connor McDavid Hurt After Dirty Collision

Should this hit on McDavid have been a penalty?

Yes9275.4 %
No3024.6 %
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