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Bruins forward heads to quiet room after heavy hitting fight

Published December 20, 2023 at 2:03 PM
Most hockey fans in the NHL love a tough game in terms of heavy body checks, tough defensive play and the occasional fight.

Well, there was certainly a heavyweight match tonight when the hometown Boston Bruins met the Minnesota Wild in which Bruins Jakub Lauko drop the gloves against Connor Dewar.

It seems crazy to think that Lauko would fight after recovering from an eye injury less than a month ago. That didn't seem to faze him as it was an excellent tilt.

Lauko had the advantage the entire time as he had three inches in height and 10 lbs of muscle. After both players locked arms and started swinging, Lauko overwhelmed Dewar and launched some heavy bombs to his face while flinging him around on the ice like a rag doll.

As he skated away, he appeased the crowd by throwing his arms up several times like he was asking the crowd are you entertained?

It was reported after that Dewar had to go to the dressing room as several of those punches landed straight to his face.

It's never a dull moment with the Bruins and their fight like this gets the home crowd going every time.
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Bruins forward heads to quiet room after heavy hitting fight

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