Blackhawks Player Bleeds Out of His Eye After Dangerous Play

Published December 22, 2022 at 3:33 PM

Numerous eye injuries involving NHL players and goaltenders have occurred over the previous year. Darcy Kuemper, the Colorado Avalanche Cup-winning goalkeeper from last season, took a stick through his goalie mask and was unable to see out of his eye for a considerable period of time. This is somewhat unexpected because you would think a goaltender's helmet would be safe and controlled enough to prevent something like that from happening.

Kuemper eventually made a full recovery, but not before suffering from temporary blurred eyesight. Now, fast-forward one year, and the Chicago Blackhawks suffered their third eye injury of the year when playing the Nashville Predators last night.

Defenseman Jake McCabe was struck by a stick blade from a sloppy Predators stick awareness, which caused his eye to hemorrhage on the ice and caused a lot of anxiety.

The Blackhawks released an injury update after the game and it appears he ''should'' be good in two days, for the Blackhawks' game on Friday. He did need a few stitches, and also underwent some eye tests.

Jake McCabe needed a few stitches and underwent some tests on his eye, just to be safe. Richardson said he should be good to go for Friday.

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Blackhawks Player Bleeds Out of His Eye After Dangerous Play

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