Big Spender Evan Bouchard Plan for his New Contract

Published August 25, 2023 at 11:52 PM

The Edmonton Oilers just signed Evan Bouchard to a bridge deal, and the 40-point defenseman has big plans.

With a contract worth $3.9 Million AAV for the next 2 years, he will find new ways to spend his money before he earns a new one.

Evan Bouchard plans to celebrate his new contract by purchasing new slacks, a short-sleeved dress shirt, socks that go up to his knees and suspenders. Also scotch mints, Brylcreem, a comb and three pens for the breast pocket.

With his new contract, the big spender will be able to buy a lot.

He has to buy new dress pants, a short-sleeved dress shirt, knee-high socks, and suspenders. In addition to scotch mints and Brylcreem, he will also purchase three pens for his breast pocket and a comb with his hard-earned cash.


The next thing he'll reveal to us is the lambda-lambda-lambda sweater he wears under his jersey.
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Big Spender Evan Bouchard Plan for his New Contract

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