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Bad News for Maple Leafs fans!

Published August 7, 2023 at 8:39

It has been nearly three decades since a Canadian NHL team claimed the Stanley Cup, with the Montreal Canadiens being the last to do so in 1993 by defeating the Los Angeles Kings.

Despite their efforts in the 2021 Cup, Canadian teams have been unable to break the drought.

Some Canadian NHL fans speculate that Gary Bettman may be working against Canadian teams, but recent performances by the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers have shown promise.

"I was at Zach Hyman's golf tournament and I was asked if I were to place a bet on who the first Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup, Edmonton or Toronto, who do you think i chose? I didn't even think twice about it because I think Edmonton's closer because of the players they have, the success they've had, obviously the conference they play in, because the Eastern Conference is a juggernaut," he said.

"I like the additions the Leafs have made up front, but I still worry about this team defensively... so much can change before they drop the puck on opening night, but I think in order to continue or at least follow up the success they had in the playoffs this year, nobody can feel confident saying this group of defense the way that they're built can win a round or two next year."

Former Leafs Defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo predicts that the next Canadian team to win a Cup will be the Edmonton Oilers, not the Leafs.

This is unfortunate news for the Leafs, who have not made it as far in the playoffs as the Oilers have. Could Colaiacovo be correct in his prediction?

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Bad News for Maple Leafs fans!

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