BREAKING NEWS | Canadian Team Officially Submits Offer For Patrick Kane

Skyler Walker
February 22, 2023  (10:12)

The NHL trade deadline is nine days away and the biggest trade chip on the market, Patrick Kane, has still yet to make a final decision, leaving the Chicago Blackhawks in a rough position. As time continues to tick, Kane's trade value continues to go down and down as we approach the final moments of the trade window.

Kane was asked what his thoughts are, being just over a week away from the deadline, and he seems to have no idea himself.
Asked what his gut was telling him, he replied, "I don't know. I think if I knew that, I'd probably make the decision already. So we'll see."

*If* Kane requests a trade, it's been stated that he won't be giving the Chicago Blackhawks management a list of teams, but rather just one destination, leaving the Blackhawks in a rough spot, but for whoever that lucky team is they'll likely receive a steal of a deal for #88.
Now we may be aware of that one team, the Edmonton Oilers? Elliotte Friedman has officially revealed the Oilers have made an offer for Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane.
The #LetsGoOilers have made a pitch for Patrick Kane.
says the rationale is they may want the option for a strong second line if McDavid and Draisaitl play together.

Elliotte Friedman says the Oilers have made a pitch for Patrick Kane and it's up to Kane whether or not he wants to be moved. He adds that the Oilers declined a big ask on Sam Lafferty and also said that Erik Karlsson to the Oilers is a one in a million.

If Ken Holland pulls this off, hopefully he's not done with trades as the Oilers are in a huge need of defence.
Friedman's full quote:
Edmonton Oilers: The latest word on the Erik Karlsson talks is it's «one-in-a-million.» (Of course that means it happens.) I do think they've made a pitch for Patrick Kane, but it's up to the winger to decide. We're all wondering if that's the best use of their assets, and what I'm guessing is they want the option to have a strong second line if they play Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl together. Kane/Nugent-Hopkins/Kane could work.
One thing GM Ken Holland wanted to protect himself against was being shorthanded due to injury, which is why he didn't waive anyone. Now, Dylan Holloway is out and Evander Kane is banged up. Holland drafted Tyler Bertuzzi, so I think there was interest there, too, but it's not relevant with Detroit in the race. If Patrick Kane says no to Edmonton, we will see what secondary options exist. They already declined a big ask for Lafferty. Do Philip Broberg and Vincent Desharnais make them feel strong enough not to add on defence?
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BREAKING NEWS | Canadian Team Officially Submits Offer For Patrick Kane

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