Anti-Pride Player Gets Trolled With Pride Flag by Fan at Autograph Session

Published September 26, 2023 at 1:07

Players Express Differing Views on Pride Jerseys

Last season's Pride Jersey controversy in the NHL ignited emotions on both sides of the ice. The issue stemmed from players refusing to wear Pride warmup jerseys that were to be auctioned for charity. This left some fans frustrated as they believed it went against the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

One notable player who declined to participate in the event was former Sharks goalie James Reimer. Like other NHL players, he cited his religious beliefs for skipping the warmups. How he respects peoples choices, but wanted to respect his own.

Fan tries to antagonize Reimer with pride flag

Successfully gave James Reimer a pride flag. Gonna be riding this high for the rest of my life man #LGRW

»He smiled and asked what my name was and where I was from, carried it through the whole rest of the line and into his truck with him. He did roll it up and hold it by the actual flag at one point but he held it open for a while,» she said when asked about Reimer's reaction.

See the flag exchange below:

Over the weekend, Reimer was gifted a pride flag by a fan, which he carried to his truck and through the rest of the line. He eventually placed it in his truck, leaving fans wondering if he truly understood its significance.

»There's a distinct possibility he has no idea what it was lolol,» she said.

While the controversy surrounding Pride Jerseys continues to be debated, players like Reimer have displayed various reactions to the issue.
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Anti-Pride Player Gets Trolled With Pride Flag by Fan at Autograph Session

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