An update on Connor McDavid in the wake of the Oilers' continual collapse

Published October 27, 2023 at 6:44 PM

The rest of the team must feel the same way after Darnell Nurse's profane rant after their loss to the New York Rangers.

The Rangers took full advantage of the team and destroyed the Oilers 3-0 and left them frustrated.

Oilers could use the injury to Captain Connor McDavid as an excuse for not doing well. It seems unlikely that they will use that as an excuse for their poor performance.

While all of this was going on, Jay Woodcroft gave us an update on Connor McDavid.

Even though Jay Woodcroft gave us a sliver of information about McDavid's injury Thursday night, there hasn't been much information released.

«This is an angry group now, and rightfully so. My understanding is that, I wouldn't call it a players-only meeting, but leadership had some things to say as a group. Darnell Nurse, we heard some profanities there, some real frustration. This is about accountability within this group now.»

«This is an angry group»

breaks down the Oilers' shutout loss the Rangers, the level of frustration in the dressing room and the latest on Connor McDavid's injury:

It is believed that the injury occurred during a tussle with Winnipeg Jets Josh Morrissey on Saturday. Before he left the game, the captain was seen favoring his left side after they became entangled on the bench.

With the latest loss to the New York Rangers, the Oilers will have to adjust on the ice without Connor McDavid.

Although the Heritage Classic will be held on Saturday, the team shouldn't rush his return.

In order to win a cup this season, it's unrealistic for the team to rush McDavid back to the ice. They need the Captain as healthy as ever, in order to hopefully get the team back to where they need to be.

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An update on Connor McDavid in the wake of the Oilers' continual collapse

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