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A vintage look will be on display at the Heritage Classic this weekend.

Published October 28, 2023 at 10:20

The Heritage Classic for the 2023-2024 season will feature a more traditional aesthetic as the Battle of Alberta is renewed, with the Edmonton Oilers facing the Calgary Flames.

The NHL, along with some of its sponsors, usually incorporates special elements into these events.

This time around, the players will be sporting a classic appearance with their uniforms, skates, and sticks.

This transformation has been made possible by the hockey supplier, CCM. As the game's date approaches (Sunday, October 29th), the Oilers have been busy at practice, showcasing some of their gear, including their uniforms.

One particularly interesting aspect is the colour of their pants. Stuart Skinner was also seen displaying his uniform while in the net during practice.

Given the throwback look, both Oilers and Flames fans are hoping that this game will mark a turning point, as both teams have struggled with terrible starts this season. The Oilers currently hold a 1-5-1 record through seven games and are grappling with issues like a lack of scoring, porous defence, and subpar goaltending.

Head coach Jay Woodcroft, along with his coaching staff, will need to find a way to lift the Oilers out of this slump, as crucial points continue to slip away, which will be needed later in the season.
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A vintage look will be on display at the Heritage Classic this weekend.

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