Player taking a skate in the face.
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Player takes skate to the face in scary scene with unbelievable result

Published March 20, 2024 at 3:40 PM

Any injuries involving a skate cut in the sport of hockey always causes shock to everyone in attendance.

Earlier today in an SHL game, Nick Olesen of IK Oskarshamn had a horrific looking play, as a player in front of him took a hit and cause his legs to swing up. The skate clearly made contact with Olesen's face, an absolutely terrifying sight. Miraculously, he was completely okay.

At full speed, the play looked like it could've ended with a tragic result - but thankfully Olesen missed a terrible injury by inches. After the game, Olesen recounted the experience, noticeably grateful just to be okay.

I was very, very, lucky. It goes so fast that I didn't have time to perceive what happened at first. It was the tip of the skate that hit the face, and not the rail. So brutally scary.
-Nick Olesen

It's absolutely unbelievable that Olesen was able to escape the incident unscarred. After the incident of Adam Johnson passing away due to a skate cut last year, players across the hockey world began taking protective equipment more seriously with neck guards becoming more prevalent. Potentially in the future, helmets may continue to evolve to protect the face as well with bubbles or cages, knowing that the visors still expose your face to severe injury.
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Player takes skate to the face in scary scene with unbelievable result

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