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Jakob Chychrun shares picture of gruesome face injury

Published December 16, 2023 at 11:23
Last night during a game where the Ottawa Senators visited the Dallas Stars, a bizarre scene was caught on camera when after a period ended, Senators defenceman Jakob Chychrun was seen walking off the ice with the opposing Stars.


Fans around the league teased Chychrun for the situation, and it was definitely a strange sight to see. However moments ago, Chychrun himself took to social media to offer an explanation.

According to his post, Chychrun sustained a nasty cut to the face during play, and was told to head to the Stars locker room to see their medical team for repairs.


After an incident last week where Coyotes defenceman Jusso Valimaki sustained an injury in Dallas and was left unable to function for several hours while awaiting medical treatment, perhaps this is a new protocol where the Stars as the home team will treat medical issues for opposing players.

Regardless, it's a funny wrap-up to a minor and odd story from last night, and it's great that Chychrun himself got some laughs out of the fans' responses.
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Jakob Chychrun shares picture of gruesome face injury

Should home teams treat away players' injuries?

Yes, they have more equipment on hand41983.3 %
No, away trainers need to be fully stocked8416.7 %
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