Leafs and Sabres having three fights on the ice at once.
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Leafs game ends in all out brawl that referees are unable to contain

Published March 30, 2024 at 8:02 PM

Moments ago in tonight's game between the Leafs and Sabres, the Leafs commanding win ended with an all-out brawl that the referees were unable to contain.

With under a minute left in the game, Leafs defenceman TJ Brodie took a massive hit from Alex Tuch, and the Leafs team took exception. Right away, Tyler Bertuzzi, Bobby McMann, and Auston Matthews all hopped in the crowd and grabbed a number of Buffalo players. A wrestling match ensued for a few minutes and the referees nearly quelled the conflict, only for it to erupt again and really pop off. At one moment, three separate fights squared off. Eventually the players separated themselves, and the game mercifully came to an end.

The Leafs absolutely dominated the Sabres on the ice, and their fans even dominated in the stands. Auston Matthews hit the milestone of 60 goals to give the Leafs the third period lead, and the crowd erupted more so than a Leafs home game, with fans even bringing in balloons to commemorate the goal.

It was an incredible scene for Leafs fans, and they're continuing to show they're a team now willing to get into the rough stuff that's always in playoff hockey - even Auston Matthews was involved after hitting the offensive milestone.
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Leafs game ends in all out brawl that referees are unable to contain

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