Deslauriers and Rempe fighting
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Fight of the year between Rangers rookie and feared enforcer

Published February 24, 2024 at 3:00 PM

Early in the first period of today's game between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers rookie forward Matthew Rempe continued his recent run of total villainy in the NHL. Through his first three games in the league, the Rangers 6'8 rookie has made headlines each game with huge fights and hits. Today, in just the first three mins of the game, Rempe paired up with Nic Deslauriers for what turned out to be the fight of the year.

Both Rempe and Deslauriers are big bodies and experienced fighters, and they certainly showed their experience in this fight. Both players landed devastating and repeating punches while they managed to stay on their feet for an extended period. Deslauriers was able to jersey Rempe to blind him near the end of the fight, and knock him down to the ice.

Both Rempe and Deslauriers were visibly maimed after the fight, with Deslauriers in particular sporting a bright red shiner on his forehead. It was an incredible fight between two of the literal biggest NHLers right now, and incredible sight to see for all hockey fans.

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Fight of the year between Rangers rookie and feared enforcer

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