Evander Kane fighting Tyler Tucker.
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Evander Kane destroys Tyler Tucker in fight and takes extra penalty

Published April 1, 2024 at 8:54 PM

Moments ago in tonight's Oilers game against the St. Louis Blues, frustrations boiled over for Evander Kane when he dropped the gloves with Blues defenceman Tyler Tucker.

Tyler Tucker threw a high hit just moments before, and after having his first goal in 20 games disallowed, Kane looked like he popped off. Tucker pressed him into the boards, but Kane popped off his gloves, pulled off Tucker's helmet, and started absolutely wailing on him with right hooks. Unfortunately for the Oilers, Kane was assessed an extra penalty for popping off Tucker's helmet.

It's a great sight to see Kane this engaged and popping off with some physical play after a rough few weeks. It's unfortunate that his goal, like a few other Oilers tallies were turned over tonight, but it looks like Kane was really finding his game tonight.

In recent weeks, Evander Kane has been embroiled in some controversy following an argument between himself and Draisaitl on the bench, and being scratched the following game. Kane clearly isn't 100% healthy or happy with his game right now, but none of that matters.

The last few weeks of the season, the Oilers and coach Knoblauch need to make it a priority to get Kane going again - because he can be a real impact player in intense playoff games when he matches the intensity. Tonight was a great showing for Kane in that regard. If Kane can continue to elevate his game, find some pucks around the net, and be a physical presence he will be a star player for the Oilers in the playoffs.
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Evander Kane destroys Tyler Tucker in fight and takes extra penalty

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