Brett Brochu and Zach Driscoll during a goalie fight
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Oilers Prospect Wins Massive Goalie Fight In ECHL Game

Published December 30, 2023 at 7:57 PM
A huge part of the reason why people love watching hockey is the physicality. The hits and the fights are a massive part of the game, and can hype up the game for the fans. This can also have real results for a team, as winning a fight can massively shift momentum for a team. All fights are welcomed, but the rarest and most exciting are the goalie fights. Tonight we got just that during a game between the Oilers affiliated Fort Wayne Komets and the Indy Fuel, as Brett Brochu and Zach Driscoll go at it.

This fight was absolutely amazing. Brett Brochu landed a majority of the big blows, and definitely walks away the victor. As mentioned above, fights can get the crowd absolutely ecstatic and even more into the game. This is especially true when the home team wins the fight, as you could hear the excitement in the Komets' home barn.

21 year old Brett Brochu has been on an absolute tear recently, as he has a .934 save percentage in 11 games started in the ECHL this season, capped off by an absolutely electric tilt here tonight. It's very cool to see this guy showing out for his team in such a way, and if he continues this amazing season he's having it could potentially lead him to signing an NHL contract with the team. Goaltending is a huge position of need for the Oilers right now, and nothing would be better for them than to develop one from within the system.

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Oilers Prospect Wins Massive Goalie Fight In ECHL Game

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