Zach Hyman and Connor Brown lead Oilers locker room speech

Liam McCormick
June 19, 2024  (12:41)

Oilers locker room
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If the Edmonton Oilers are going to pull of a miracle comeback in the Cup Final, they'll need the entire team to believe and be present in the win - like Hyman and Brown giving locker room speeches.

In the moments before Game 4 in Edmonton, it was Hyman and Brown speaking up in a readied dressing room with words of encouragement for the team.
HYMAN: Got that unshakeable belief huh? We do. We always had it. F*****g right away. Been planting the seed over there, right Brownie?

BROWN: 100%. We don't give them a sniff, boys. That's where our mentality is, 0-0.

This is a trend for Connor Brown, who's been identified as the most vocal player in the locker room during games. Brown's elevating his game on the ice in this playoffs, and he's acting as a leader off the ice too.
The Oilers messaging in the locker room is full of belief and playing their style of game, which they surprisingly detail as good defence. The Oilers ended up winning that game by a score of 8-1, showing that perhaps when their defence is intact, their offence can always find a way to break through.
To see Hyman and a depth veteran like Brown be some of the most vocal players in the locker room is fantastic to see, and exemplifies the total buy-in the Oilers have right now. Between this video, McDavid's comments, and Knoblauch's comments, it's very clear that the Oilers believe they can pull the comeback off.
With his impressive playoff play and fit into the locker room, the Oilers may actually look to bring Connor Brown back next year despite a disappointing regular season. Brown is redeeming himself and that contract bonus with his incredible postseason contributions, and Oilers fans couldn't be happier.
Source: @leashadawg on X
That unshakeable belief
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Zach Hyman and Connor Brown lead Oilers locker room speech

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