The St. Louis Blues attacking the Edmonton Oilers net.
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Referees show bias against Oilers with awful goalie interference call

Published April 2, 2024 at 3:39 PM

Last night, the Oilers fell victim to some incomprehensible calls of goalie interference. Both teams had goals overturned, and the Oilers were on the wrong end each time.

The Oilers lost the game to a team & are also playing the referees.
-Sportsnet broadcast

Even the broadcast made a rare comment calling out these awful call of goalie interference, along with the entire game management of the referees. Mostly, Oilers fans were against the goal with Blues forward Alexey Toropchenko in front of the net. Toropchenko's stick clearly made contact with Skinner's pads in the crease, and yet it was called a good goal. On the other side, Hyman brushed Binnington in the crease with his stick as well, and the goal was overturned.

It seems that the referee's directive of game management and balancing penalties really disadvantages the Oilers. They're a much more skilled team that doesn't take many penalties, but constantly have players clutching and grabbing to stop their high octane offence, and it goes uncalled. Almost unbelievably, through February of this season, the Oilers ranked 30th across the league for powerplay opportunities.

Unfortunately, the Oilers were unable to overcome the difficulty of the overturned goal and some questionable calls, and fell to a score of 3-2 against the Blues. After the game, Skinner explained that Toropchenko's stick did interfere with his ability to make the save, but there isn't anything he can do about the call.

He kind of stuffed me in the pad, and then because he's a pretty tall guy the shaft didn't allow me to get my blocker down to the puck. But that's the game. There are tough calls to be made, and sometimes they don't go your way.
-Stuart Skinner, post game interview

The Oilers will look to rebound tomorrow night, April 3, against the Dallas Stars on the road.
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Referees show bias against Oilers with awful goalie interference call

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