Panthers writer calls McDavid overrated in awful rant

Noel Drolet
June 5, 2024  (4:33 PM)

The Oilers thanking fans while advancing to cup finals
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Connor McDavid will be forced to prove doubters wrong again during this year's Stanley Cup Final, after one Panthers writer called him ‘McOverrated'.

Despite being the most skilled hockey player in the world for a while, Connor McDavid has always been fighting detractors trying to discredit his skill in the game. This is even more obvious during the playoffs, where fans of the opposing teams will try to tear him down to discredit the team. McDavid has continued to prove doubters wrong, with amazing point totals year after year in the regular season and playoffs.
This series is seemingly no different, with Florida fans already trying to get into his head about his abilities. This is happening with Panthers writers as well, as writer Greg Cote says some crazy things about McDavid ahead of the Stanley Cup Finals matchup.
Cote acknowledges the point totals he's putting up, but totally discredits him as a generational talent in the sport. What McDavid has done since he came into the league has been amazing, slowly carrying Edmonton back into playoff success.
McDavid has been a generational talent, passing the point per game mark in every season he's played so far. He has passed the 100 point mark 7 times and broken countless records, looking to break so many more by the time his career comes to an end.
Although he hasn't won a Stanley Cup yet, it is not at all McDavid's fault. The team construction has been terrible around him, with countless notorious management blunders during his tenure there.
McDavid has been amazing for the Oilers, and is one of the only reasons they are where they are today. Someone who has been as dominant of the league as he has been has nothing to prove, and a Stanley Cup is just the cherry on top of an already fantastic career.
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Panthers writer calls McDavid overrated in awful rant

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