Connor McDavid celebrating a goal with the Edmonton Oilers.
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Oilers superstar Connor McDavid may make history with points milestone

Published April 1, 2024 at 12:59

At just 27 years old and with only 9 seasons with the Edmonton Oilers, Connor McDavid may hit the insane accomplishment of 1000 career points this season.

There's 12 games left in this season, and McDavid currently sits at 975 career points. It'd be absurd to expect of any other player, but Oilers fans have seen McDavid go on a run of this magnitude before. If he can put together a few games of 4+ point performances, which is something he does regularly, 1000 points will be a real possibility.

Once McDavid reaches the lauded 1000 point milestone, the count will officially be on to see him surpass 1669 points as an Oiler - the record set by Wayne Gretzky.

With his sustained total offensive dominance of the NHL through his career and showing no signs of slowing down, some are ready to begin having the honest conversation of McDavid being the best player in history.

He won't ever reach the insane point totals set by Wayne Gretzky at 2857 on his career because of the huge increase of scoring in Wayne's era. However, McDavid's level of domination against the great level of competition in the modern day NHL has some fans already wondering if he'll go down in history as the best player of all time.

When Connor was recently asked about taking the league lead in scoring, he coldly responded that the team is focused on bigger things, being playoff success. Even at the height of his game, McDavid is proved himself to be a team-first player.

If McDavid signs a long term extension, continues his offensive domination of the league, and delivers at least one Stanley Cup to Edmonton, he will likely go down as the best Oiler of all time. It's such an incredible statement considering the history of this team, but the Oilers have been truly been blessed with the two greatest hockey talents of all time.
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Oilers superstar Connor McDavid may make history with points milestone

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