Oilers suddenly hike prices for playoff watch parties and fans are stunned

Liam McCormick
June 4, 2024  (1:47 PM)

Edmonton Oilers Playoff Watch Party
Photo credit: Global Edmonton

This morning, the Edmonton Oilers ownership group announced via press release that they will quadruple the price of the outdoor playoff watch party at Rogers Arena.

The price for admission to the Miss Pit has been just $5 through the first three rounds of the playoffs, but now the price will be increased to $20 per ticket for the Stanley Cup Final.
»In a news release Tuesday morning, the Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) said tickets for the watch parties for Games 1 and 2 go on sale at noon and will cost $20 each. That's four times the $5 ticket cost for the first three rounds of the . The OEG did not give a reason for the jump in price for watch party tickets.»

The press release also mentioned that net ticket proceeds will go towards the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, but still, it's greatly increasing the expenses of fans who are just trying to be present for a legendary playoff run. The fans have already spent a ton through the first three rounds, now it'll be even more in the Final.

Fans stunned with Oilers sudden and steep increase in ticket prices

That's an extreme jump in pricing for something that was supposed to be an affordable way to bring a group to the game. Some fans are noting that a family group of 5 visiting the Moss Pit has jumped from $25 to a whopping $100. Overall, fans are shocked at the price increase.
Not only will the outdoor watch parties be much more expensive, but the actual tickets will reach record prices. For season ticket holders, the minimum price for entry in the Cup Final will be $294 at the very last row of the upper bowl. Tickets haven't been made available for public yet, but those prices are expected to be much higher than seasons ticket holder access.
Of course Oilers ownership is looking to cash in on a deep run into the playoffs, it makes sense. However, some of the price increases are so sudden and steep it may make some fans reconsider their plans. At the end of the day, all fans can hope for is that they're rewarded with the Stanley Cup - and this team is closer to that goal than ever before.
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Oilers suddenly hike prices for playoff watch parties and fans are stunned

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