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Oilers media accuses Leon Draisaitl of hurting the team with bad leadership

Published February 26, 2024 at 1:51 PM

Oilers superstar Leon Draisaitl is a highly competitive player that wears his heart on his sleeve. When the team is on a losing streak, sometimes Draisaitl can appear to be a bit ‘pissy'. After the Oilers dropped their third straight game against the Flames and Draisaitl was clearly frustrated and taking poor penalties, the Edmonton media is once again calling out Draisaitl's behaviour.

In a recent article in the Edmonton Journal, writer Robert Tychkowksi called out Draisaitl's poor attitude and how it can be a drag on the team as a whole - especially when taking bad penalties out of frustration.

When the team is in a funk, negative body language from a leader only makes things worse. So does letting that passion result in a costly penalty. Draisaitl knows he needs to be more disciplined and self aware out there while still maintaining that fire.
-Robert Tychkowski, Edmonton Journal

Of course, it is better that Draisaitl clearly plays with passion than showing indifference on the ice. He just needs to remember that he's a leader on the team and he sets an example for the rest of the roster.

When asked about the attitude in the room right now, head coach Knoblauch admitted that there's some frustration seeping into the team on this losing streak, but nothing as bad as when he first arrived as coach.

There is a little bit of negativity and frustration right now, but nothing like there had been before.
-Coach Knoblauch

The Oilers are undoubtedly in a minor funk at the moment. However, we've seen this team bounce back from brutal slumps this season - they just need to keep the belief and work through these down times. Hopefully, a solid acquisition at the trade deadline can give this team another boost down the stretch of the regular season, and into the playoffs.


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Oilers media accuses Leon Draisaitl of hurting the team with bad leadership

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