Oilers insider predicts salary for 7 year contract with Desharnais

Liam McCormick
May 19, 2024  (1:14 PM)

Vincent Desharnais and Stuart Skinner
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At the end of this year, the Oilers will need to make a decision with fan favourite defenceman Vincent Desharnais, who will be a free agent.

Oilers insider Bob Stauffer has been vocal that he believes the team will re-sign Desharnais to a long term contract. Previously, Stauffer had revealed that a 7 year contract for Desharnais may be on the table, and now is saying it could be worth around $2M a year.
Desharnais has been an incredible development story for the Oilers over the last two seasons. After being drafted by the Oilers in the 7th round, Desharnais has plugged away in the AHL and ECHL for years before earning this opportunity in the NHL, and he's really turned into a great role player. His incredible size and physicality is perfect for a bottom pairing defenceman, and it would be tough to see him go in free agency after only 114 games with the team.
Still, Desharnais may look to cash in on his next contract. His skill set is highly desirable to playoff teams, and seeing the Oilers go on a deep playoff run this year would only increase his value. It's possible that Desharnais could get up to $3M on a short term deal in free agency - similar to Justin Holl's career - but the Oilers are clearly looking to keep him around by giving him longer term to drive salary down, just like the Zach Hyman deal.
In this year's playoffs, Desharnais has proven his value to the team time and again, being an emotional leader off the ice and leading them into the fight physically on the ice. Twice now in two series, Desharnais has perfectly grabbed opponents for some hilarious double headlocks, only possible with his size.
Hopefully the Oilers and Desharnais can come to terms that's good for the team, and can keep him in Edmonton for future playoff runs with this core.
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Oilers insider predicts salary for 7 year contract with Desharnais

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