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Oilers GM Ken Holland addresses team goaltending ahead of trade deadline

Published March 2, 2024 at 11:12

With the NHL trade deadline now just a week away, the Edmonton Oilers are finalizing their plans to add to this team, and hopefully give them the boost they need to take the next step in the playoffs and contend for the Stanley Cup. Earlier this season, it may have seemed guaranteed that the Oilers would trade for a goalie, but now Ken Holland is flat out denying that.

In a recent interview with Daniel Nugent-Bowman of the Athletic, Ken Holland revealed that the Oilers would absolutely not be trading for a goalie at the deadline this year. Holland went on to explain in the interview that the team views themselves as four goaltenders deep, able to get solid contributions from Skinner, Pickard, and even Campbell and Rodrigue - enough that they're comfortable for the playoffs.

Plenty of fans are criticizing this position, and rightly so. Right now, the Oilers are relying on an overworked Stuart Skinner in his sophomore season, on pace to play more games this year than elite goaltenders like Connor Hellebuyck and Ilya Sorokin. Additionally, if Skinner is to burn out or suffer an injury, Calvin Pickard and Jack Campbell are significantly worse backup goalies than that of elite teams around the NHL.

Goaltending was identified years ago as this team's biggest weakness, and it's problem that's never been truly addressed - just masked by the emergence of Stuart Skinner. The Oilers are undoubtedly an elite team regardless carried by their top players, but goaltending can make or break games at any time - the Oilers are betting that their staff will hold up when push comes to shove.
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Oilers GM Ken Holland addresses team goaltending ahead of trade deadline

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