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Oilers forward Connor Brown embarrassed by this stat

Published March 3, 2024 at 5:55 PM

In an amazing season from the Oilers there have been very few negatives with the team this season. One of the common complaints on the team has been Connor Brown, and for good reason. Connor Brown was brought on to the team to help with some secondary scoring and to prove that he could still hang in the NHL despite a long list of injuries. Fast forward to almost three quarters of the way through the season, and Connor Brown has been absolutely terrible on the Oilers.

This stat shows how absolutely awful Connor Brown has been this season. Not only does he not have a single goal, but he also only has 5 assists in 50 games played. He has also been awful defensively, as he is a -9 on the season.

Brown had a base salary of 775k, but has bonuses of 3.25M for playing above 10 games this season. This gives the team the ability to go over the cap ceiling to pay Brown, so his contract isn't too much of an anchor for the team.

Brown has still been a detriment for the Oilers while he plays and the Oilers may look to acquire some more forwards depth to be able to sit Brown for the playoffs. He is an expiring contract after this season, so it's safe to say that he won't be back to play with them next season.
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Oilers forward Connor Brown embarrassed by this stat

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