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Oilers fans livid after ownership makes controversial decision

Published March 12, 2024 at 7:21 PM

Things are looking great for the Edmonton Oilers across all fronts: The team is at the top of the league, they're one of the highest revenue generating teams in the league, and the future is bright with Stanley Cup aspirations. So of course, ownership has to capitalize on the success with an increase in ticket prices.

An 11% increase in season ticket pricing was announced for next season, along with a 50% increase in the playoffs. Right now the cheapest tickets into Rogers Place are under $100, but playoff tickets will see an increase to a minimum of $300 per ticket - and that's before resale and scalpers. Many fans took to social media to voice their displeasure about the increase in prices for both regular season and playoffs.

The news actually broke the day of the deadline, an unfortunate time for fans as they saw their division rivals in Vegas load up with star players while the Oilers kept it more modest with Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick.

It's tough for fans, and it sucks that it happens, but of course ownership is going to raise prices while the team is reaching its peak over the last few decades. Fans can only hope we're rewarded with a Stanley Cup to make it all worth it.

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Oilers fans livid after ownership makes controversial decision

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