Multiple Oilers players dealing with illness, per coach Knoblauch

Liam McCormick
May 19, 2024  (7:41 PM)

Coach Knoblauch speaking to media
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Late today, Oilers coach Knoblauch revealed several Oilers players are dealing with illness and commented on Brock Boeser's absence in game 7.

Knoblauch revealed that Adam Henrique will remain out with injury, and there's a couple more players that could be game time decisions with illness. Still, with the season on the line in game 7, it seems Knoblauch is expecting everyone to push through an injury or illness if physically possible to play.
»No, Adam won't be ready. We do have a question mark or two, but very likely it'll be a similar lineup that we had yesterday, if not the same. There's some guys that have some sickness, a little under the weather and have been battling through it. Couple guys just minor stuff, maybe one or two more impacted by it, but are trending up.
-Coach Knoblauch

Knoblauch went onto explain the importance of the back half of game 6, with the Oilers lead allowing the team to manage ice time in the third period. Some fans have speculated Mattias Ekholm as the one dealing with an illness, who has missed practice recently and saw his ice time decrease at points throughout the series. On a positive note however, Knoblauch said that most of the Oilers were trending upwards in their health. Of course, Knoblauch would never reveal to the media and his opponent which players are weakened by illness.
Knoblauch also commented on the news that's rattled the Canucks tonight. Brock Boeser will be absent from the rest of the series and indefinitely if the Canucks advance due to a blood clotting issue. Knoblauch spoke about how Boeser's absence will be tough for the Canucks, but he's expecting the team to rally around it. Clearly, Knoblauch knows the Oilers still need to come out prepared to weather a game 7 on the road.
»When you lose a player like that, obviously you look at your lineup and your lineup's weaker. But it's amazing how guys step up. Everyone steps up collectively, and sometimes you're just a better team. We have to anticipate a team that's going be really stepping up their game.»
-Coach Knoblauch

It's absolutely horrible news to hear Boeser is sidelined with a serious medical issue. All hockey fans are hoping the best for Boeser's health, and a safe return to hockey, likely next season.
Both teams are going to come out with their best game tomorrow night with their seasons on the line in a great Canadian rivalry series. For absolutely any hockey fan, this is appointment television.
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Multiple Oilers players dealing with illness, per coach Knoblauch

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