McDavid opens up about major personal life event in new interview

Liam McCormick
February 11, 2024  (3:19 PM)

McDavid and his fiancee Lauren Kyle
Photo credit: ESPN

With Connor McDavid in Toronto for the All-Star Game last weekend, it gave an opportunity for more national media to speak with McDavid. In an interview posted by GQ Magazine a few days ago, McDavid opened up about his personal life, including the details on his upcoming wedding this summer on July 27th this year.

Connor McDavid has been becoming close friends with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and the magazine asked the possibility of Nickelback playing his upcoming wedding reception, and McDavid's general role in planning the wedding.
Are you going to ask Nickelback to play your wedding this summer with your fiancée, Lauren Kyle?

I don't know. We're in the middle of some wedding planning right now. Entertainment is still something we've got to figure out. Actually, I guess we don't have to figure it out; we've got a couple surprises. But I'm not sure Nickelback is going to be there. We'll have to see.

What kind of surprises?

Well, if Lauren found out I was telling people, she'd be mad. She wants to keep it a surprise for everybody that's going to be there. I've got to make sure that I've got my guys dressed, looking good and heading down the aisle on time. That's been my role so far.

In speaking with a fashion magazine, McDavid had to answer some questions about style too, and in particular the worst dressed player on the team. McDavid went with Brett Kulak, and gave a hilarious reason.
Who's the worst dressed in Edmonton? I'm going to go with just a good Alberta boy in Brett Kulak. He doesn't care too much about what he's wearing. He's just a good Alberta boy.

McDavid also talked about some lifestyle things, citing Nickelback as his favourite band currently and Friends as his favourite TV show. He revealed This Afternoon by Nickelback as his favourite song, and Ross as his favourite character.
McDavid also spoke about the team's incredible win streak getting them back in playoff contention, and proving all the doubters wrong who wrote the Oilers off early this year.
It feels good, man. It really does. Of course, we didn't get off to the start that we wanted and people start doubting you. People start saying negative things. For our group, we just stuck together and we've worked our way out of it. You know, when you're losing in Edmonton, the fans are on you. And rightly so. They're a passionate fanbase, they love their hockey, and they want to see a successful team. And when you're winning, they love you.

It was an incredible interview with McDavid getting into the in-depths of his life and personality, as well as some honest takes on the Oilers season so far and his performance. The full article can be found below.
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McDavid opens up about major personal life event in new interview

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