Mark Spector shamed into deleting brutal post about Canucks

Noel Drolet
May 22, 2024  (12:02)

Mark Spector and Gene Principe
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Mark Spector adds another classic to his collection of out of touch hockey takes.

In any media outlet there are always going to be people who are insufferable. Unfortunately for the hockey world this is true here too, because of Mark Spector's inability to understand the game.
The day after the Canucks were eliminated by the Oilers, Spector tweeted out a take that was just so unbelievably wrong about what the Canucks did wrong.
Perfect coach for that team. Miller excellent leader. Hughes will grow. Good D. Many skill guys either small or perimeter guys. Got pushed out - EP40 especially. Depth can't be all Euro skill guys. Some? Sure - not all. Need more Saskatchewan, less Stockholm.

This is just an absolutely terrible take. First off, calling Elias Pettersson a perimeter guy is absolutely absurd. Pettersson is a guy who is never afraid to go to the net front and play the role of a grinder, getting into the dirty areas to retrieve pucks and score rebounds.
Pettersson has a great stick for deflections when he's in front of the net, since the Canucks defense love to take shots from the point. Just like in this play here, Pettersson often finds himself open in front due to his amazing skating and his lack of shying away from any spot on the ice.
To call Pettersson a perimeter guy is stupid, but his point about European depth is by far much worse. The 2008 Red Wings had majority of their depth be either Swedish or Czech, and they are regarded as one of the most dominant teams ever. Not only did they destroy teams in the regular season, but they also stomped through everyone in the playoffs.
European depth guys are not the issue when your team cannot stop speed. When your team is forced into playing an immobile defensive scheme against the fastest skater in the world, it isn't going to end up well no matter what nationality the guys you throw out there are.
Spector is no stranger to making himself look like an idiot, but it seems like he admitted it when he took his tweet down. I've never seen anyone consistently make such a fool of themself and it's really a wonder if he has any clue what he's talking about most of the time.
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Mark Spector shamed into deleting brutal post about Canucks

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