William Nylander and Zach Hyman celebrating a goal with the Leafs.
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Leafs star player says the team is focusing on Zach Hyman

Published March 23, 2024 at 8:43

Tonight, Zach Hyman and the Oilers will take on his former team and hometown Maple Leafs in Toronto just two goals away from the milestone 50 in this season.

It's a storyline that many fans are paying attention to heading into this game, honestly with both Oilers and Leafs fans hoping Hyman will score his two goals. However, the Leafs players and coaching staff certainly have Zach Hyman circled in the scouting report. Star forward William Nylander said that the team won't allow Hyman's milestone to come against them.

After scoring two goals against the Sabres on Thursday night, reporters asked Hyman's thoughts on returning to Toronto with the possibility of hitting the milestone of 50 goals. Hyman seemed to get a bit emotional, had to take a pause to collect himself, but remained locked in on getting the team a win - but the two goals would be nice as well.

«Oh yeah. (long pause) Like, obviously it would be special, but I'm not focused on it, sure I'll be asked about it a lot tomorrow and on Saturday. Obviously, have a look at it now which is kind of cool to go into the game and you have an opportunity to do that, but really, I just want to win there. I don't think I've won there since I've been here. It would be great to go in there and win.»

It feels like a monumental moment for Hyman to be nearing the incredible career mark of 50 goals when returning to his hometown first team in Toronto. The Leafs had to cast him out as a non-essential piece to their core, while the Oilers pounced on a player they believed in, and signed him long-term. It's turned out to be one of Ken Holland's greatest contracts, and Hyman's non-stop work ethic and dedication has led to success nobody ever expected from him in Toronto. He's returning home a much better player, and proving the Leafs made a mistake letting him go.

So far, Hyman hasn't particularly matched up well against his former team. In four games against the Maple Leafs, Hyman's only registered one goal and assist, with a rating of -4.
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Leafs star player says the team is focusing on Zach Hyman

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